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TODAY: Toilet Talk with Rani

Prepare yourselves! Shield your stomachs! Get ready to get down and dirty as we talk toilets!

Yep, that’s right. Toilets.

This week, I reached what I can only describe as a breaking point. After years of clogs, leaks, and ruptures, I’ve decided to take the plunge (pun very much intended), and gut my bathroom one more time.  

Now, as you all know, I’ve been re-doing my house on and off for the past few years. I’ve finished renovating my kitchen, den, bedroom, and my conservatory. Probably I’m proudest of the workshop I finished this past month in my garage. I’ve finally got a place for working on all my projects with space to move, spots for all my tools, and it’s now a veritable man-cave.

Once I finished with the shop, I kind of settled into things. You know how it goes. The winter drags on and on, and all those projects you wanted to finish start to seem like too much effort. Back to Walking Dead!

This week was different. I had some family visiting for the week. Now, I’m sure you know how stressful that can be. And while I had redone my bathroom drywalls and the floor, I never touched the plumbing.

Most of us DIY’ers are pretty confident when it comes to carpentry or painting. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s intimidated by plumbing. So, I left all the fixtures in place, and they’re still the same as they were when I bought this house. Every time I start to fiddle with pipes, taps, or hoses, something goes wrong, and I have to explain to the plumber why I’ve actually made the mess worse than it was, and try very hard to sound like it’s not totally my fault. I know–DIY nightmare! Point being, I’ve left all my plumbing very much alone.

I don’t want to go into too much detail, but my toilet can only be described as… shitty.

It leaks from most of the pipes, sweats all summer long, has a wobbly seat that I can’t seem to fix (anyone else hate those stupid plastic bolts? Goll-ee, they’re bad!). The worst part is the flusher. It gets stuck for absolutely no reason. There’s no clog, there’s no obvious design problem. It’s just bad. So, I decided it was time to ditch the whole damn thing.

Anyway, I shopped around for toilets, and actually found that there are way more options online than at the hardware store.  I spent some time at the store looking around at theirs, and wasn't that thrilled. I took some notes about which ones felt sturdier, and decided to look for those brands online.I found a crazy thing. Did anyone know there were toilet reviews online? Seriously? Toilet reviews? I was amazed. And then I got really excited. This makes it so much easier than looking at toilets in the store. You don’t have to test drive the toilet, because people already have. And you can’t test drive display toilets anyway, cause… that would be gross.

Long story short, I’ve found the new toilet, which looks awesome–I’ll post some pictures when it comes in the mail next week. If you’re thinking of doing a similar bathroom reno, you might want to check out toilet reviews here–this site has some good, objective reviews which made it easy to figure out what I wanted.

SO. Welcome to the new series, in which I completely redo my bath fitting from scratch, starting with the toilet. Next week, I’ll have the unpacking done, and start tearing up the bathroom. I’ll be posting pictures, and talk through the process.

If anyone’s done a toilet refit before, give us a shout out in the comments! I could use advice from anyone with plumbing experience/expertise.

Over and out–



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